Shocking Reviews Recorded On Qualia Review

Qualia Review :

Qualia Smart drug, brain supplement, psychological feature attention, nootropic, the God pill.. no matter you wish to label it Qualia undoubtedly is exclusive.

Unique in this folks across the planet square measure raving regarding the profound advantages they’re experiencing as a results of this supplement.

But is that this ballyhoo behind Qualia justified? What square measure the ingredients that power Qualia? And most significantly, what’s is like taking Qualia?



What Is Qualia?

As i discussed in my gap sentence, Qualia has several labels.

But in extremely easy terms, Qualia may be a supplement that’s designed to assist with brain performance.

It is a 2 step formula that you simply wrestle a rotary basis within the morning.

Step one you are taking on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen as shortly as you rouse. Step 2 Associate in Nursing hour roughly later with food.

The distinctive formula (which i will be able to cowl in additional detail below) has been designed facilitate|to assist} optimise and enhance psychological feature perform and brain help.

For a additional technical clarification, let’s examine what the designers themselves – The Neurohacker Collective – say regarding Qualia.
Qualia is supposed to nourish the mind with over forty top class mind vitamins to right away beautify consciousness, strength, temper, and creativeness, while assisting future mind fitness.

  • The Ingredients & Science Behind Qualia
  • What is within the Qualia formula?
  • A lot! tho’ the ingredient list is quite spectacular.
  • A quick explore the bottles label or the Qualia web site and that we see the following:

Phototropic Compounds

In a shell, these ingredients square measure shown to assist with psychological feature perform and memory.

  • Snooper
  • Superfine A
  • Methamphetamine
  • Uri dine Mono phosphate
  • Phosphodiesterase
  • Horde nine CHI
  • Pertinence
  • Theo bromine
  • Pure Energy (Prognosticate sure to Caffeine)

I’m not getting to justify the advantages of every ingredient, nor can I list all the references to support the claim… why? as a result of this may find yourself being a 6000+ word article and second as a result of it’s already been done over at The Neurohacker Collective web site.

So for all the advantages and references to support these ingredients please head to the Neurohacker Collective web site here.


Vitamins to help with brain function:

  • Vit B1 as Benfotiamine
  • Vit B3 as Niacinamide
  • Vit B5 as metallic element Pantothenate
  • Vit B6 as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P-5-P)
  • Vit B12 as Methylcobalamin
  • Vit C as antioxidant
  • Vit D3 as Microencapsulated Cholecalciferol

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