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By | July 6, 2018

Topamax Review :

This leaflet answers a few common questions about Topamax® drugs and Sprinkle pills. It doesn’t take the location of reproval your medical doctor or caregiver.
All medicines have risks and advantages. Your doctor has weighed the risks of you taking Topamax against the advantages they expect it’ll have for you.
If you have got any considerations concerning taking this medication, raise your doctor or caregiver.
Keep this leaflet with the medication. you’ll have to be compelled to scan it once more.

What Topamax is employed for

The name of your medication is Topamax. It contains the active ingredient topiramate.
Topamax belongs to a gaggle of medicines called antiepileptics. Topamax is employed for the treatment of assorted styles of seizures in adults and youngsters, aged a pair of years and over. It also can be used for the bar of migraines in adults. Topamax isn’t accustomed treat severe migraines that return on suddenly (acute).

It prevents seizures and migraines by performing on the nerves and chemicals within the brain.
Your doctor might order Topamax on its own, or additionally to a different medication for dominant your seizures or migraines.
Your doctor might have prescribed Topamax for an additional reason. raise your doctor if you have got any questions on why this medication has been prescribed for you.

Before you are taking Topamax

When you should not take it
Do not take Topamax if you have got associate degree hypersensitivity reaction (hypersensitivity) to:

  • topiramate
  • Any of the ingredients. See Product Description at the top of this leaflet for a listing of ingredients.
  • If the tablets or capsules aren’t as represented beneath Product Description at the top of this leaflet.
    Symptoms of associate degree allergic or hypersensitivity might include:
  • Rash, cutaneous sensation or hives on the skin
  • Shortness of breath, asthmatic or problem respiratory
  • Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or alternative elements of the body

Before you begin to require it

You must tell your doctor if you:

Are pregnant or going to become pregnant. Topamax has caused damage to the developing fetus once administered to a pregnant girl. Its safety has not been verified in pregnant humans. data accessible indicates that there’s associate degree association between the utilization of Topamax in humans throughout maternity and birth defects together with cleft lip/ roof of the mouth. However, it’s important to regulate your fits whereas you’re pregnant. If it’s necessary for you to require Topamax, your doctor will assist you decide whether or not or to not take it throughout maternity.

  • Are infant feeding or would like to suckle. Topamax might seem in breast milk and it’s not suggested to suckle whereas taking Topamax.
  • Have or have ever had a psychological disorder or psychopathy
    have or have ever had excretory organ stones, nephropathy or have a case history of excretory organ stones
  • have or have ever had disease
  • have eye downside or high within the eye
  • have a history of acidosis (too a lot of acid within the blood, which can cause associate degree enlarged rate of breathing).

If you have got not told your doctor or caregiver concerning any of the higher than, tell them before you begin taking Topamax.
Your doctor can advise you whether or not or to not take Topamax or if you wish to regulate the dose or adapt your treatment.

Taking alternative medicines

In explicit, tell your doctor or caregiver if you’re taking:
other medicines for brain disease, corresponding to diphenylhydantoin or carbamazepine
digoxin (used to treat heart disease)
oral contraceptives (the pill)
Metformin, pioglitazone or glibenclamide (used to cope with diabetes) lithium or risperidone (used to treat manic depressive contamination and schizophrenia) hydrochlorothiazide (used to treat swelling or excessive blood strain)
haloperidol (used to treat psychoses)
hydrochlorothiazide (used to treat swelling or high blood pressure)
propranolol (used in high pressure, some heart conditions, tremors, growth or sick headache headaches)
diltiazem (used to treat high blood pressure and stop angina)
valproic acid (used to treat brain disease or mood disorders)
amitriptyline (used to treat depression)
any medication that slows your reactions (CNS depressants). this might embrace medicines to assist you sleep or relieve pain, antidepressants, tranquillisers or antihistamines which might cause you to drowsy.
These medicines could also be stricken by Topamax or might have an effect on however well Topamax works. Your doctor or caregiver will tell you what to try and do if you’re taking any of those medicines.

How to take Topamax

Follow your doctor’s directions concerning once and the way to require Topamax.
You can take the tablets or capsules with or while not food. perpetually swallow the tablets whole with many water.
Topamax Sprinkle capsules ar accessible for people that cannot swallow tablets. These capsules will be opened and every one of the contents besprent onto a teaspoon of soppy food that doesn’t need manduction. This mixture ought to be enclosed straightaway and not chewed. It mustn’t be keep for future use. The capsules also can be enclosed whole with water.
The doses shown below ar the standard suggested doses. However, your doctor might tell you to require higher or lower doses. Your doctor can begin with an occasional dose and slowly increase the dose to very cheap quantity required to regulate your brain disease.
At the beginning of treatment Topamax could also be taken once each day, ideally at the hours of darkness. when the dose is enlarged, it’s taken doubly each day.
You should continue taking Topamax till your doctor tells you to prevent. Before stopping, it’s suggested that the dose be reduced bit by bit.



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